Video (set resolution at 720p HD): Psyfy

psy vid screen


a living mechanismA Living Mechanism


red chairRed Chair    She can change the appearance of objects simply by physical contact.

an extraterrestrial portrait by alan j lewisPortrait Of An Extraterrestrial
The species seemed to have taken on a sort of menacing characteristic;  a more accurate depiction would reveal it to have been far more benevolent, than the type of species it had to be vigilant for.

a-world-furtherOne From A World
Purple eyes that can clearly see, multiple dimensions; as if to be vivid dreaming.

AtmosphereDwellerAn Atmosphere Dweller
Perhaps no larger than a microorganism…


…existing in a dimensional reality.

the-searcherA Searcher
Seeks out information,  relevant to it’s genetic wiring.

species-flightA Species Flight
Such is an organic craft,  for the purpose of mobility.

life-formingLife Forming
As the species moves swiftly along in an atmosphere of varying elements,  it’s physiology is evolving.

Dream by Alan J LewisDream
A whimsically surreal landscape, containing a creature with a perhaps capricious attitude.

floating-worldFloating World
An urban floating landscape abounding in life forms.

ufo beer runGreen UFO’s  On a beer run.



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