Finley’s Favourite Walk

Hired as an illustrator for a book as envisioned from the perspective of the authors grandson, during their daily walks throughout the countryside and along the river bank in Hemingford Abbots, England.




annavetla226_outsource finley copy

annavetla226_outsource finley continued copy

Jack And The Beanstalk

Hired as an illustrator for  Quiet Time Tales – series of 12 one-hour DVDs that inspires children, ages 1-6, to want to read.

annavetla226_outsource jack and beanstalk copy

Unintentional Humor

Hired as a cartoonist for Gund Publishing authors. Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Two books provide a unique look into the mind of a person with autism. Cartoons that represent common expressions such as, ‘Under the Weather”, ‘Couch Potato” and ‘Pig Out” demonstrate the confusion that many people experience with figurative language. Filled with stories and hundreds of cartoons.

annavetla226_outsource_unintentional humor credits copy

Build Your Own Brand

Hired as an illustrator for a professional motivational keynote speaker author & humorist. 2010 Pelican Publishing Company. Available at Barnes & Noble, Tower Books and Amazon.

annavetla226_outsource d dvorak copy

annavetla226_outsource d dvorak cont copy

Tahiti Pacifique Magazine

Hired as a cartoonist for Tahiti Pacifique Magazine to draw one single caricature cartoon for a page layout in the January 2007 edition.

annavetla226_outsource tahiti pacifique magazine wtrmrks copy

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